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When you hear a bully, what comes to your mind? A person that dispossesses others of their possessions without remorse? Or a person that controls people with authority without giving them a chance to express themselves? I was not any of those. I regard those set of bullies as petty bullies trying to make themselves relevant. I was the kind of bully that worked for the state. If you have not yet guessed it correctly, let me help you out. I was in the military.

I know “bully” is not a good term to use for those who stick out their lives for the rest of us but if you take away sentiments, you will see “bully” in many of the actions of these able men and women. I joined the military not because I dreamed of being one or was excited about what they do neither did I want to be feared. I just wanted to be of service to humanity and at that point of my youth, I found the military as the best place to render such a service. You might say that I wasn’t wrong but I have my reservations about that.

A large number of wars all over the world makes me wonder if we would ever have peace again. A war has just ended and I was part of a team that was sent for peacekeeping and reconciliation. It was a process that would take months which also meant months away from home for those who were married but for many of us, it was another call to adventure. I was excited and my excitement peaked when I discovered that John (not real name) was part of that expedition. John and I joined the military together and we both knew each other from a very tender age. John was the tough guy and I have always been the weaker one. I recall those days when we were much younger that we would compete for almost everything and he would beat me hands down in all of them.

Ready to shoot some bugs?” he teased me just before we boarded the plane.

To us in the military, life rarely means much anymore and we often qualify it with lots of demeaning adjectives. You may never understand these until you find yourself in the military. There were many things we did as a team that can be likened to male companions services; like keeping each other warm with discussions, watching each other’s back and taking care of the romantic needs of our female colleagues when they need it. I only got to know about male companions recently but when I did, I felt as if I have been a member all my life because none of their actions felt strange.

When we got to our location, John and I and five other soldiers were drafted to take care of some refugees who were rounded up in tents, male and female and children. Watching them in that confused state, unsure of tomorrow worried me. The sight of guns – irrespective of who held it –made some of them shiver because they have heard sounds of it severally in recent past and each time, a scream followed. We took turns securing the tent. The fear on the faces of the refugees took a leap after we repelled an attack from a handful of bandits. I knew I had to do something. What they needed was male companions and I would try my best to give them the best part of me.

I went from one tent to another speaking to the refugees and spending time with them. That one-on-one conversation was revolutionary. It helped me to learn a new dimension to the conflict that befell the area. You know those sides of the story that the media would never report? Those inside stories, I had them on my fingertips all thanks to my bold step or would you rather say attempt to mimic male companions. We got vital information that helped us to restore peace in the region. The world needs male companions; people that would help you forget your sorrows and give you a new sense of living. Do not be surprised if I drop military to join male companions.

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