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football and women

Many of my women friends are also mothers of young sons. And they do not feel that many of the millionaire professional footballers themselves set a good enough example to the millions of young followers and fans who idolise or even worship them. You only have to watch a competitive game – especially here in Spain, though most South American and Southern European teams in the World Cup are appalling – to realise that many of the players are prima donnas and cheats, rolling around on the floor every two minutes after a slight tap on the foot, or even after no contact at all. And all that just to get a decision to go their way. 

Now OK, I know that many men would argue that the phrase is prima donna, which relates to females. And yes, lots of females behave dreadfully in all sorts of situations. Trust me, I work with the sexiest escorts Malaga can provide so I know all about moody and emotional females throwing strops and hissy fits to get their own way. And yes, women who are not in the sex industry behave that way too. And I dislike them just as much as I dislike play acting footballers. But here is the thing – professional escort girls and the average day to day woman is not meant to be a role model. But professional athletes are. They always are, and that is a large part of why they get paid so much. Because people want to pay to watch them and to buy products with their names on them.

I mean, you do not see rugby players behaving that way do you? And can you imagine what would happen if a group of rugby players mobbed a referee the way football players do every five minutes? Every last one of them would be sent off immediately and have a season long ban as a warning to other players. But footballers can apparently get away with anything. Another point is the insane and obscene amount of money footballers get paid today. The top three highest paid athletes in the world are footballers, ahead of legends such as Roger Federer. It does the game no favours and serves to make many of the players lazy and complacent.

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