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Rochdale is a town located in Greater Manchester. It has several destinations where one can visit and experience the importance. With several opportunities to enjoy, this town is among those in the UK where people like to dedicate their whole life. For stay and entertainment, there are numerous bars, clubs, and hotels to lavish you. By these facilities, the crowd strength never decreases here. The town is easily accessible from the airport, and also through public transport. The train station is at the town centre and it is the fastest access way to the nearest Bolton, Wigand and Salford towns.

It is quite common, where people usually visit the town for honeymoons, holiday, official trip and leisure times. As they know, how wide and best is the place for memories enchant. But, the main problem is when people do not have any idea about the locality i.e. from where to start the trip. Because, it has some attractive places which impress everyone and have importance. Also, some circumstances are like, it may be your first visit in Rochdale, and like to experience some rare things but struggling. Then, things can be made easier with several options to enjoy your life. Hiring Rochdale Escorts is one among them having great ideas to entertain you. To guide you with the best places, one consociate will come along with you to offer ideas- about the places and also for your personal life. So, rare things’ including the attractive places for a pleasant trip can be experienced. Here are some attractive places of Rochdale.

  • Pennine Bridleway: It is the best place in-between mountains where people usually visit for riding horses, climbing, trekking, biking, and cycling. It is located in Wardle and its rough surface gives an adventurous feel while we start our journey. It is around 300 km long way between mountains. It is free for tourist and natives. In a day, millions of people can be seen over there for several activities, which are mentioned above.
  • Rochdale Canal: This canal is located in Little borough, it divides Manchester and Rochdale, as it passes through several areas of Rochdale and that’s how this name. It is 51 km long and has clear water. At every 100m, you can find seats and fountains to give it a beautiful look throughout. It starts from Manchester city centre, and walking beside and experiencing the scenery would be a great fun.
  • St Mary in the Baum: The name itself explains the wildflowers that are surrounded to the church. It is located beside the Roch River- the reason for flowers grew. The specialty you see here is the interior design, which was the oldest design and still looks like new. Photography is banned inside the church, but the inside view is really different and a rare one too.
  • Springfield Park: It is a municipal park located in Marland. This is a rare park which has huge no. of wooded slopes. The park has only one way to get around which itself pass through the trees, gardens, and rivers. Beside this, you may find exciting games are played there like football, tennis, golf etc. It is an open place for visitors and had many facilities for children like seesaw, carousel etc.
  • St. Chads Rochdale Parish Church: This church is located in Sparrow Hill and often called as “Place of Worship” as it is on the top of a Hill and people believes- it is the only place where god visits regularly due to its placing on uppermost point. It was built in 1688, and from then to now the whole story and history about the Rochdale are depicted here. It’s over whole structure was made from stones and stand strong till date.
  • Museum of Transport: Here you can find, all the things related to transport like history, bus types, no. of bus stops, bus terminals, metros, monorail, hyper loops, shell train etc. You can find the history of transport from last 100 yrs in a nutshell. Exhibitions are organized here monthly and it showcases the evolution of transportation, benchmark, engineering, and communication for the coming future.

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