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I live in the most southern part of Spain for most of the year. Please understand that I have no sympathy for me when I say this, but while it is beautiful all year around, my goodness it gets baking hot and dusty in the vivid summer months. Anyone would think that I had chosen to – basically – live in North Africa. So I have a pool, Do not go imagining anything from a Hollywood movie. Instead, it is just a concrete hole in the ground painted bright blue and filled with water from my well. I am lucky that due to the beautiful Sierra mountains channelling the winter snow and rain into the rivers in the valley I am in, my water supply is usually plentiful by Spanish standards all year round. So yesterday I lowered myself into the warm clear water and floated on my back looking at the perfect blue Spanish sky. It was amazingly blue, with not a single cloud. Just clear bright blue for miles in every direction.

My intention was just to kick back for a little while, catch some sun and think about my escort businesses. Like most entrepreneurs, if I am not careful I will get drawn in to spending all my time dealing with the day to day issues and crises that inevitably turn up. Especially when you are dealing with the sexiest girls who escort Geneva men and the clients who love them! To put it in the words of Michael Gerger from the E Myth books, I can end up working in the business instead of on it. So I regularly take a couple of hours to deliberately do nothing and kick my brain into neutral during the working day.

My little finca is surrounded by orange trees, olive groves, lemon trees and an enormous miscellany of pretty much any fruit and vegetable you can imagine. During the time of the Roman Empire, southern Spain essentially fed the capital because it was so bountiful. And that has not really changed. But the main crop locally is pecan nuts. Pecan trees grow tall and strong. They have glossy green leaves and make a soothing singing sound as the hot breeze blows through the leaves and branches. If you allow it it can be very peaceful. In the winter it can be extremely eerie as they are totally bare, not a touch of green anywhere. But in the summer they create a wall of whispering green.

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